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Yamaha My16-mLAN

Yamaha mLAN16e

The new MY16-mLAN interface card offers transfer of up to 16 channels of digital audio plus MIDI data over a single IEEE1394-standard cable. This mini YGDAI plug-in card brings mLAN compatibility to digital mixing consoles 01V96, DM1000, 02R96, and DM2000.


Audio I/O 16In/16Out @ 48kHz / 44.1kHz
(8In/8Out @ 88.2kHz / 96kHz)
Fs 44.1kHz-10% 48kHz+6%
(88.2kHz-10% 96kHz+6%)
Resolution 24bit
MIDI 1In/1Out Necessary for USB connections for using Multi Port MIDI.
SLOT1 is available for Digital console within multi SLOTs. 

Price and purchase information is at 01xRay.com.

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