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mLANcentral.com is published in USA by KEYFAX NewMedia.

KEYFAX was founded in the UK in 1994 as a content company, designing and marketing the concept of MIDI Samples; specifically, the Twiddly.Bits MIDI Sample libraries of which some twenty volumes are now in existence.

In 1998 KEYFAX designed the Phat.Boy MIDI Performance Controller, the worlds first generic MIDI controller box.

In 2001 KEYFAX produced the worlds first full-service dedicated musical instrument website, www.motifator.com, for the Yamaha Motif, a site that now regular attracts more than 3 million hits a month. In addition to www.keyfax.com, KEYFAX also publishes KeyRingTones.com for its 2003-launched SMAF Ringtone Division, plus www.sninety.com, www.awinspire.com (for the AW16G recorder), and most recently 01xRay.com for the Yamaha 01x.

KEYFAX NewMedia is independently owned and run, and is based in Santa Cruz, California.

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