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mLAN Tools Diary

Platform File Version Date
Mac OS X (Universal Binary) mLAN Tools
V1.2.0 11/06/08
Windows XP/Vista (32bit) mLAN Tools V1.6.3 07/11/08
Windows XP Professional x64 Editon mLAN Tools V1.5.5 08/29/06
Mac OS 9 mLAN Tools V1.5.2 03/07/05

Yamaha US mLAN Loyalty Program

The following products are no longer supported:

  • Yamaha mLAN 8E
  • Yamaha mLAN 8P
  • Yamaha CD8 mLAN
  • Yamaha MY8 mLAN

If you are a US customer and have these 1st generation mLAN products, please visit

Please Note Users of these Products:

PreSonus Firestation - Kurzweil KSP8 with KMLN8 option Card - Apogee Trak2 and AD-8000 with mLAN option cards

We feel that most of these devices have been updated already. If you have question or need further firmware or update support, please contact the manufacture: - -

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