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PreSonus FIREstation

PreSonus FIREstation

The FIREstation is a computer recording interface that provides connection to the recording software environment via a high-speed FireWire? connection. FireWire?, the ultimate data transfer protocol, solves the problem of having to use an internal recording interface sound card or large cables connecting to a recording interface. The benefits of FireWire? and the IEEE1394 standard are many, including: hundreds of channels of digital audio and MIDI on one network, easy connection of additional interfaces between products, master clock control bus that precludes the need for Word Clock distribution.

The FIREstation uses Yamaha's protocol for FireWire recording called mLAN. The difference between mLAN and other FireWire recording systems is that mLAN is an 'open' platform allowing compatibility with other manufacturer's hardware including Apogee?, Korg? and Yamaha? with many more to come. mLAN stands for 'Music Local Area Network' and works just like a computer network. Multiple mLAN devices can be chained together so that digital audio, MIDI and Word Clock information can be sent to and from each device. Now, audio interfaces, digital mixers and keyboards can all communicate using mLAN.

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