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Yamaha mLAN16e

The mLAN16e card transforms the Motif ES into:

  • An Audio interface
  • A MIDI interface
  • A Hardware accelerated DSP effects processor for your computer DAW

The mLAN16e lets you connect your Motif ES to your computer via mLAN (Firewire Music Networking) and communicate all of your MIDI and audio data via a single Firewire cable.

The mLAN16e transforms the Motif ES into a 16 channel output, 8 channel input computer audio interface. This allows you, simultaneously to record 14 individual output channels plus the stereo mix to your computer. In addition, the Motif ES's 2 A/D inputs can be used to record other instruments into your computer. Connect a Mic or Guitar to the Motif ES's A/D inputs and even use insert effects as you record. 

During playback you can bring 4 stereo busses from your DAW back into the ES to be monitored at the Motif ES's stereo analog output. At this time you can apply additional Motif ES system and master effects to these busses. The incredible effects contained in the Motif ES can be utilized without putting any load on your computer's CPU.

The Motif ES with mLAN16E can also be used in combination with other mLAN products such as the 01X and i88X to further expand your system.

If the Motif ES forms part of your 01x rig the mLAN16e is, simply, a must.


  • 24bit/96kHz 16 channel expansion I/O for MOTIF ES
  • Multi Port MIDI Interface
  • 24bit/96kHz Audio Interface
  • Expandable via mLAN
  • OS9/XP Drivers support
    (OSX support under development)

Check out or for more information

Mac users Please Note: The mLAN set-up files ( HALs) for the mLAN16E and the i88x for Mac OS X are currently in Beta and will be available in mid May. Until these are available, you can not use the mLAN16e or i88x with MAC OS X. They will be ready soon and until them we ask for your patience.

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