mLAN Driver 1.2.0 for Mac OS X Now Available
Yamaha releases mLAN tools V1.2.0 For Mac OSX which now supports external clock capability so that an external mLAN device connected to the computer can be used as the wordclock master. MORE
mLAN Driver 1.6.3 for Windows XP/Vista(32bit) Now Available
Yamaha releases new mLAN tools for Windows XP/Vista(32bit). MORE
mLAN Driver 1.1.4 for Mac OS X Now Available
Yamaha releases new mLAN tools for Mac OS X. MORE
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Now Available
Yamaha releases new mLAN tools for Windows XP Professional x64 Editon. MORE
new MY16-mLAN card from Yamaha
Just announced at Summer NAMM 2004, is the all new MY16-mLAN card from Yamaha. This new 96Khz/24-bit board expands the 01V96, 02R96 and many more Yamaha past and present digital mixing consoles with S400 mLAN. MORE
mLAN for Mac OS X Updated
Yamaha and mLAN alliance release Public Beta update of OS X tools for mLAN. MORE
mLAN for Mac OS X 10.3.3 video demo.
Yamaha's own Nick Howes shows you mLAN up and running for Mac OS X v10.3.3. MORE

Yamaha and mLAN Alliance collaborate to enhance mLAN support for Mac OS X 10.3.3.
With the launch of Yamaha's mLAN tools for Mac OS X v10.3.3, mLAN has been updated to provide enhanced support for Core Audio and Core MIDI. March 15, 2004 MORE

Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center goes mLAN to the max
The 1425 seat converted high school auditorium "Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center" (RBPAC) is boldly going where no Performance Audio space has gone before. March 1, 2004 MORE

World's Largest mLAN Network
Pro Player Stadium recently upgraded its audio facilities with an advanced distributed speaker system and computerized digital audio control systems which include an mLAN network connecting three Yamaha DME32 Digital Mixing Engines. Feb 2, 2004 MORE

Yamaha mLAN Overview Video
Yamaha Product Specialist Heratch explains the basics behind an mLAN network on display at Winter NAMM 2004. Jan 21, 2004 MORE

mLAN? time to pay attention
Terry Holton of Yamaha R&D London, gives us an article about mLAN and the new 01X digital mixer. June 2003 MORE

Playing With Fire
Yamaha's own Mike Overlin and John Strawn wrote an article for Electronic Musician on FireWire based audio and mLAN. May 1, 2003 MORE

Kurzweil KSP8 gets mLAN option
Kurzweil have released an mLAN I/O card for their flagship KSP8 effects processor, reviewed in Mays SOS (read review), making it the first mLAN-enabled multi-effects unit on the market. The KMLN8 option provides two mLAN ports for connecting multiple mLAN devices, providing digital audio and MIDI interfacing. The KMLN8 is available in the US, costing $650, but it has yet to reach the UK. May 2003 Visit Kurzweil Music Systems.

Yamaha Introduces World's First mLAN Music Production System
The all-new YAMAMA 01X delivers power and flexibility never before offered in any computer audio product and represents a dramatic breakthrough in total integration and flexibility. No more expensive interfaces and control surfaces, the 01X combines both functions in one single unit with mLAN compatibility delivering all MIDI and Audio data via a single cable. March 6, 2003 MORE

PreSonus Ships the FireStation Audio Interface
PreSonus Audio Electronics introduces the PreSonus FireStation, a computer-recording interface that provides connection to the recording software environment via a high speed FireWire connection. The FireStation is the first product from PreSonus that utilizes a licensing agreement with Yamaha Corporation to implement the new Yamaha mLAN FireWire recording and audio networking protocol. July 23, 2002 MORE

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